Our Team


  • Thomas PB Frater CEO
  • Nicholas Kalogeropoulos Managing Director
  • Zoltan Jutasi Managing Director
  • Gyula Bárány Director - Operations
  • Attila Tóth Director – Capital Markets

Thomas PB Frater

Group & Buy-Side
Hussar Investment Fund, LLC

Mr. Frater is the Founder & CEO of Hussar & Co., a buy-side real estate investment advisory platform focused on Central Europe. He has held various investment, operational and portfolio management positions in real estate and private equity investments for the past 25 years. He started his career in New York in 1987 working for a large single-family office (Brennikmeijer/AMCENA) with a net worth of $6 billion. He later served another private family (De Benedetti Family/CERUS), where he helped build a Vienna-based Central European fund which grew to $300MM AUM. Mr. Frater relocated to Asia where he successfully raised his first China-focused fund, TigerPack Capital Limited, in 1996. He later founded a PE-advisory firm (Tea House Partners Limited) advising several European and US private equity investors on deal origination and market entry strategies for China. He worked closely at the time advising JP Morgan Chase (One Equity Partners), on its direct investment strategy for the region. Mr. Frater later led the leveraged buy-out of Crown Holding’s global cosmetic packaging business, later becoming Chairman and the largest single shareholder. Mr. Frater holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and presently resides in Vienna, Austria with his wife and four children.

Nicholas Kalogeropoulos
Managing Director

H Quadrant Capital Advisors, LLC

Nicholas Kalogeropoulos is a Managing Director focused on Hussar & Co.’s sell-side efforts at H Quadrant Capital Advisors, LLC. He has over 25 years experience in various roles in corporate and real asset finance advisory, leveraged finance and private equity in the U.S. and internationally including emerging markets, covering multiple sectors including real assets (real estate, infrastructure, maritime shipping, transportation & logistics and agriculture) and other sectors such as manufacturing and business-to-business services. Since 2012 he has held a managing director position in Hussar & Co.’s CEE and CIS corporate finance advisory activities. Earlier in his career, Mr. Kalogeropoulos initiated and managed corporate private equity and real estate private equity operations in Southeast Europe on behalf of LDK S.A., an Athens-based global engineering, infrastructure and environmental planning & project management services firm, having investment committee, third-party fundraising and execution responsibilities. Mr. Kalogeropoulos has also held merchant banking and capital markets positions at BNP Paribas (and prior to this Paribas Capital Markets) and Dresdner Kleinwort, where he participated in and in a number of cases led transactions aggregating several billion dollars, and involved senior and subordinated debt underwriting and syndication, high yield bond underwriting, and private equity co-investments. Mr. Kalogeropoulos holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from Brown University. In addition to English, he is fluent in Greek and proficient in French.

Zoltan Jutasi
Managing Director

H-NAV Analytics

Zoltan Jutasi has experience on business development to increase company value up to 500 million USD within 10 years. As a part of leaderships and ownerships he was involved in active M&A project management, including 100 million USD deals with companies such as a Jeremie Programme Member Venture Capital Fund, the constructing KESZ Holding, and the Budapest Stock Exchange registered SYNERGON Plc. or WALLIS Asset Management. He also has strong experience in leadership in group-wide organizational review and corporate governance development projects and investments in the relevant companies. His specialties are strategic decision-making, leadership, strategic project management, corporate and business strategy, corporate business development, corporate governance, organizational development, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures.

Gyula Bárány
Director - Operations

H-NAV Analytics

Gyula Bárány is general contracting professional on various international business developments, who has abundant expertise in preparation of strategic decisions. He has more than 25 years company management experience at executive level and 30-years track record in project planning & management in the field of turn-key telecommunications and other infrastructure development projects in the Arabian Gulf Region. Principal competence is marketing and business development; determining company and brand development marketing strategies with strong analytic and communications skills. He is focused on leadership in corporate business development, project management and control and is also expert in defining and implementing offline and online marketing and business promotion master plans.

Attila Tóth
Director – Capital Markets

H-NAV Analytics

Attila Tóth is highly experienced in capital market finance, IPO sales; valuation and executive management & leadership. He has 20 years of experience on conducting business analyses, formulating business strategies, as well as in business planning, management accounting and liquidity management. He was the Deputy CEO of Budapest Stock Exchange for 8 years and has an extensive knowledge of SME financing through the capital market. He was also involved in developing and executing communication strategies, media and PR campaigns and building up capital market infrastructure, capital market product development practices, IT solutions and trading system functionality. His specialties are business and financial analyses, capital market operations, operating and supervising procedures for securities trading, clearance and settlement, and CSD entities.
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