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Hussar & Co. is a European-focused real estate private equity group delivering fully vetted, opportunistic real estate investments to qualified private equity and institutional capital allocators. We use a technology platform we call “Navigator” as our means of optimizing communication and delivery.

We offer a high level of investment transparency and critical analysis without significant management fees or capital commitments. We employ a systematic approach to originating, underwriting, investing and optimizing compelling real estate opportunities across Central Europe, seeking to satisfy or exceed the return expectations set by the clients we serve. We typically assume the ongoing oversight and asset management responsibilities on behalf of our investors, subject to asset class and investment optimization strategy.

Our team brings know-how to target off-market opportunities and ultimately close transactions in the best interest of the capital source we serve. We partner with top quality operators who have the operational and local market expertise relevant to each transaction. We rely on our extensive network of industry relationships, as well as our reputation as a preferred capital partner, to continually pursue a steady flow of differentiated opportunities.


Hussar & Co. takes an opportunistic, value-driven approach to investing. We seek to identify various asset classes of commercial real estate and asset backed non-performing or underperforming debt portfolios that offer premium risk-adjusted value relative to replacement cost. We typically seek standing assets with stabilized cash flow that generally exceed comparable sales in target regions and pass rigorous due-diligence and underwriting standards for specific asset classes within specific markets. We seek income-producing properties in major Central European (EU markets) that offer growth and compelling fundamentals. Our markets include:

Germany (D) Austria (A) Switzerland (CH)  Italy (I)

Slovakia (SK) Slovenia (SI) Croatia (HR) Hungary (HU) Poland (PL)

Our focus is primarily on hotel/hospitality, office, retail, multifamily, and logistics-related real estate assets. We generally seek targets that offer the potential for value-add through capital improvements, proactive lease management, and repositioning.


We maintain a network of reliable local relationships in respective markets and view these relationships as key to the Hussar & Co. strategy. We rely on local sourcing and, where appropriate, their asset management capabilities, to drive capital investment into specific markets.

Investors and our local partners elect to work with us given our ability to:
  • Access, recognize and execute on attractive deals quickly;
  • Underwrite deals through our local real estate knowledge and in-house analytical capabilities;
  • Currently mandated by some of the deepest pockets of capital seeking to allocate into the region;
  • Secure favorable and/or balanced terms on transactions; and
  • Utilize a fair, transparent and highly ethical business approach.

We see hundreds of leads and are constantly in discussions with owners and decisions makers in varying asset classes across multiple markets. Excluding Switzerland, we have a strict EU market policy. Despite the European Union framework, have the resources to manage a complexity of tax, currency, legal, language and exit considerations specific to these neighboring, yet often diverse, markets. Most opportunities we encounter do not meet the selection criteria of our investors. Our job is to filter those few that can pass due-diligence and present those opportunities that best meet the rigorous criteria of our investors.Some select deals we like but don’t fit a specific profile for our retained investors may be offered to our open market investors (“Open Investors”) through our subsidiary, H Quadrant Capital Advisors, LLC.

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