Hussar & Co. has the ability to source unique, off-market transactions by working directly with the international and domestic banks in the region in addition to knowing may of the major owners and real estate developers seeking restructuring or full exit.

Hussar & Co. also understands how to underwrite risk, perform due diligence and come up with valuation ranges for its clients. Once transacted, Hussar & Co., though its JV relationships also can offer asset management support on the properties it sources and underwrites.

Real Estate Investment Advisory
& Asset Management Services

Key Selection Criteria

Type: Off-market deal origination/asset management

Average Size

equity investments

Min. Equity

million (family office and
smaller capital allocators)





Investment Period

year holds


Senior M&A Specialist/
Senior Portfolio
Manager/Asset Manager

Targeted Cap Rates


subject to market


Retainer + Success Fee

Investors Targeted Returns


IRR’s (subject to target market)

What are the firms values and basic principles


Hussar & Co. focuses on extending its experience in emerging markets of Central/South East Europe by delivering premium returns to institutional investors seeking differentiated and sustainable direct investment strategies. The firm focuses on a prudent “buy right and manage better” invest strategies incorporating in-depth local market knowledge.


The senior management of Hussar & Co. have over twenty five years of transactional experience across Central Europe. The forms goal is to deliver premium returns to investors seeking differentiated and sustainable direct investment strategies of single assets and real estate portfolios both in the private and public market space. The firm focuses on a prudent “buy right and manage better” investment philosophy for its clients incorporating in-depth local access, knowledge and experience.


Hussar & Co. serves its investment partners, managers and others through three core principles being:

TRUST – Create value for its clients by identifying inefficiencies and capitalizing  on opportunities; only work with the utmost integrity and discretion. 

DISCIPLINE –Focus on specific markets/specific targets and  know these targets through extensive analysis. 

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Always  act like an owner for our clients and have the guts to fail with the creativity and grit to succeed.

What does a Hussar & Co. institutional investor look like?

Hussar & Co. entered into a framework agreement with a leading US RE private equity for sourcing and due-diligence of off-market deals in select markets of Europe.  The investor has $53 billion AUM, a 25 year track record and invests globally across multiple asset classes.

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