Capital Sources

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Once deals are vetted and approved, investors participate in transactions either directly, from their own fund structure, or indirectly, through a special purpose vehicle. Investors can pursue deals on their own or allow Hussar & Co. to introduce other equity or debt sponsors, where there is an alignment of interest to pursue a deal in a specific jurisdiction or asset class. We provide this capability through our technology platform. It is a highly secure, personalized, on-line offering that provides transparency and access to critical information, process, agreement and record keeping from which investors can review and archive data.


Request your desired allocation to a specific transaction, directly on our site. Alternatively, receive a guaranteed allocation across multiple investments through an individualized Managed Account. Our investors range from high net worth, financially qualified individuals with a liquid net worth of EUR 10 million or more with the capacity to put a minimum EUR 1 million to work for an extended term. We also work with single and multi-family offices, larger investment groups/clubs and institutions committing more sizable capital to our strategy.


Hussar & Co. has two points of investor access:

  1. RETAINED INVESTORS These investors have retained Hussar & Co. under a Framework Agreement to conduct very targeted buy-side searches for very specific assets in defined regions. The deal flow that is generated for these clients are strictly confidential and remain the ownership of the client until the clients elects not to pursue the transaction within a predefined timeframe or analytical process.
  2. OPEN INVESTORS These qualified investors register with Hussar & Co., access data and deal transactions posted on our platform and invest in the deals on a first come/first serve basis.


We will post and you will be notified as new investment opportunities arise both as Retained and Open Investors on our platform. You will receive access to full offering information and supporting diligence materials for each new opportunity.


Upon closing, investors will receive the necessary agreement, securities and other ownership materials required for their legal process. Investors will have access to monthly reporting and will received quality and annual statements on the status of their investment(s). Regular and extraordinary distributions from investments are automatically wired to investor-specified bank account. Such distributions are typically made quarterly from available operating cash flow from specific investment targets and are automatically deposited into investors’ bank accounts. Amount and timing of distributions are on a case by case basis and depend on the investment strategy, generally a waterfall structure above a hurtle rate and always underlying performance of each investment. Historical and future distribution can be tracked individually through an investors secure and personalized portal assigned to them on the platform.


Upon confirming your investment interest, strategy and requirements, an allocation can be made. Legal agreements (Sales & Purchase and/or Subscription Agreements) with and investment instructions will be distributed on-line for easy access and review. Negotiations and document execution will occur subject to buyer and seller conditions being reached. Closing occurs through an outside bank escrow account.

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